Laura Rose


Tired of DIY websites that make you yawn louder than Monday mornings?

Your in the right place...

Wave goodbye to BORING designs

and hello to a website that screams "YOU" louder than your favourite karaoke song.

It's time to stand out, sparkle, and shine online!

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My Story

Woman smiling working on her laptop in park in Liverpool

hey, I'm Laura

Your friendly WordPress Web Designer

With a skill for turning your dreams into reality. When I’m not building websites, you can find me planning my next travel destination…

My journey into web design started in 2020 with a need for freedom. After a deep dive into insane amount of remote job options, I came across WordPress Web Design and Virtual Assistance and never looked back. It felt like it was meant to be, the creativity, the problem solving, the support I could provide to people’s businesses, it was like it was made for me and I fell in love with my work. Now, I’m on a mission to sprinkle a little magic into your business and watch it shine.

“I’m obsessed with this website, can’t believe it’s mine”


Because I’m like your best friend with

all the knowledge...

Picture this: a website that not only catches eyes but also sparks action. That’s the transformation we are creating! When I’m are finished you will have a website that leaves a lasting impression. I’m committed to bringing your unique brand to life and making sure your website shines as brightly as the full moon, guiding your audience to buy your services with it’s alluring presence!

Your Website Glow-Up Awaits

My web design services are completed tailored just for you – think of it like a bespoke suit for your business. With my strategy and some creativity sprinkled in, I create websites that work like magic. It’s like giving your business a makeover – and who doesn’t love a good makeover?

3 Fun Facts about Me

1. I’m a Leo with an Aries moon and Aries rising (yes, I am full of FIREEE 🔥, and it fuels my business)

2. I love wildlife. My whole discover page on Instagram is full of animal videos and I am OBSESSED.

3. I am forever laughing – when I was a kid a friend’s mum used to call me “Giddy Laura” because you could literally poke me, and I’d start laughing. 🙃

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