Laura Rose


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My Story

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HEY, I’M LAURA the friendly face behind lr web designs

I’m originally from Liverpool, UK but I am currently living out my digital nomad dream. My journey into web design started when I returned from travelling in 2020. I was determined to create a life that I dreamed of, that’s when I took the plunge and joined in my first web design course, and here we are! 

I build eco-friendly WordPress websites for entrepreneurs like you because I share your vision of making a positive impact in the world.  Your website should be a mirror of your brand’s identity and core values. That’s why I’ll take the time to connect with you, delve into your goals, and understand your dreams for your business. 

So, if you’re ready to invest in your business’s growth,  let’s join forces to boost your business with a website that’s as gorgeous as it is impactful.

Together lets amplify your


I’m all about working with people who are making a real difference in the world. If you’re into eco-friendly fashion, jewellery, or products, you’re my kind of people. Yoga or meditation teacher? AMAZING, let’s spread those good vibes. Empowerment photographers, coaches, and eco-tourism enthusiasts, you’re in the right place too. Basically, if you’re putting positivity out there and changing lives daily, I WANT IN!

3 Fun Facts about Me

1. I’m a Leo with an Aries moon and Aries rising (yes, I am full of FIREEE 🔥, and it fuels my business)

2. I love wildlife. My whole discover page on Instagram is full of animal videos and I am OBSESSED.

3. I am forever laughing – when I was a kid a friend’s mum used to call me “Giddy Laura” because you could literally poke me, and I’d start laughing. 🙃

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